Magnetic Force

Magnetic Force

Knowing how to attract women with a magnetic force is something guys like us will use to our advantage - fast!  You are not the only one who's been looking for answers to how to attract women...

How to Attract Women With a Magnetic Force - 3 Powerful Secrets of Becoming a Sexier Man

By Jean E Paul

You are not the only one who's been looking for answers to how to attract women.
I remember a time when I used to ask myself if and when I would get another date. I used to look at all the guys with girlfriends wishing it was me.
Now, there are too many women who find me attractive for me to settle with just one of them.
How do you get women attracted to you?
It looks hard but it's really simple. Here are three things you can start doing right now that will change your sex and dating life forever!
1.Realize you're the prize - Women want men they can look up to, not the other way round. If you always try to please women, thinking that will get them interested, think again.
Get the girl to work a little for your time and attention - don't just give it away!
Women use it on you all the time. They find it extremely attractive when they find a guy who truly values himself.
2.Build sexual tension - Use confident eye contact and subtle touches to arouse her, without her understanding what's happening to her!
Sexual tension is a very powerful and essential component of attracting a woman. Use it wisely!
3. Become more selective - If women sense you settle for just any woman you can get, they will start to loose attraction. However, once you become more choosy they will feel more special to be with you.
Better still, you will begin to attract higher quality women!
How about some more tips on how to be a powerful man women find irresistible?
Make that move to get the women you want. There is a simple way to date more women and become a very powerful, masculine man.
Jean E Paul is the author of "Sex Women and YOU: A guide for beginners".

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Magnetic Force

Magnetic Force

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